I need help identifying the color of these chicks!

By Speckled Chick · Mar 20, 2013 · Updated Mar 20, 2013 · ·
  1. Speckled Chick



    I have a small backyard flock of 4 bantam cochin hens, 3 roosters and 1 bantam old english hen (I think). What I believe to be the old english hen came from Tractor Supply last spring along with 5 other bantam chicks who, for various reasons, didn't make it. I felt sorry for her being alone, so I bought the others - cochins - from a lady who posted them on Craig's List. She had a mixed bunch of chickens running about, so I can't say what they actually are. They primarily look like cochins though. My girls successfully hatched 8 chicks over the past 4-6 weeks. I don't know what to call these two. The first is a greyish silver color and appears to be a rooster by the comb and that he is much larger than the others. The second was an adorable little yellow chick when hatched. We call it Lemon-Head. But, it started growing these black and white feathers. Does anyone know what this is called?

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  1. JoeyOsborne
    It looks like a exchequer to me but ive never seen one with furry feet before maybe it had some of the gene in its gene pool! sorry thats all i can say!

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