Hi my name is is Ian!!!
I am new at keeping hens, I currently have 3 hybrid layers, 8 BC (Blackcopper Maran) and 7 dutch bantams.


1 of my hybrid layers penny!!! she gives an egg a day.
I find these very useful as I am a newbie!!
BA = Black Australorp
BC = Black Copper Marans
BLRW - Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
BO = Buff Orpington
BR= Barred Rock
BSL black sex link
BTWJ = black tailed white japanese
BTBJ= black tailed buff japanese
CM = Cuckoo Marans
EE = Easter Egger
GLW = Gold Laced Wyandotte
GSL= Gold sex link
NHR = New Hampshire Red
NN = Naked Neck
OEG - Old English Game
OEGB =Old English Game Bantam
PR = Partridge Rock
RCL= Rose Comb Leghorn
RIR = Rhode Island Red
RIW = Rhode Island White
RSL - Red Sex Link
SF- Salmon Faverolles
SLW = Silver Laced Wyandotte
SS = specked Sussex
SSH = Silver Spangled Hamburg
WCBP - White Crested Black Polish
WM = Wheaton Marans