Ice Box Chickies

  1. LuvMyChickies13
    Well this is the first time for my dad and I to raise chickens (also two mallard ducklings)! When we first got our two chicks,[​IMG] we kept them in a laundry bin with all the necessary fixin's and soon used a large aquarium tank to house them until they got much older. I loved seeing them scurry up to the glass whenever I came home to see them after school![​IMG]Anywho, a friend of my dad built a basic wooden frame and wire coop (about half cover for a roof) years ago for his neighbor. So she told us that because she didn't have any birds, that we could have her old coop![​IMG] But because the coop offered little shelter to lay eggs or sleep in, my dad wanted something more for them. (aw!) So he found an old Ice box somewhere, and added so much more to it! He cut out a door in the front and a window in the side (a fully functional and all-around adorable window), built a shelve with a bedding area that opens at the top op the ice-box, and a ramp that they can use to access it! Oh and of course he bolted on a roof on the top. When he was done with this project, he connected the whole thing to the older coop we were given! Now every night I can just check the top door on the box to see my two little hens safely dreamin' away in their cozy little home! Oh my goodness! I typed a little TOO much, didn't I?[​IMG] Well, I hope I didn't bore ya too much, I'm just so excited about my little chickies!

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  1. LuvMyChickies13
    Thanks! I'll try to find a way to post pics tomorrow! And yes I love them so much!! I have one partridge plymouth rock, and another that I have no idea! hbu?
  2. A HappyHenLover
    Please post pics, good for you, the first time you get chickens is a great feeling. That will never come again, because you already have chickens.

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