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Idealisticroos Page

By IdealisticRoo · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. IdealisticRoo
    Chickens Galore!

    The Banty shanty

    1. Lavender OEGB Roo
    2. Lavender OEGB Pullet
    3. dAnver Pullet
    4. Frumpy - BBR OEGB Pullet
    5. Jumpy - BBR OEGB Pullet
    6. BBR OEGB Pullet #3
    7. Sparrow - ? OEGB Pullet

    The Large Fowl Chicken house


    1. Shadow - Silver Ameraucana
    2. [​IMG]
    3. Simone - EE Hen[​IMG]
    4. Queeny - White Silkie Broody with 2 Lavender Ameraucana babies.[​IMG]
    5. Lavender Ameraucana Pullet
    6. Wheaten Ameraucana Pullet
    7. Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Pullet
    8. Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Pullet
    9. Thing #1 - Black / Lav Split Ameraucana Pullet
    10. Thing #2 - Black / Lav Split Ameraucana Pullet
    11. BIG Black Australorp Pullet
    And Tiny - Disabled Araucana Mix cockerel
    a White Roman Tufted gander! HUGE already!
    2 tanks full of tropical fish
    and Smoky, a VERY NEEDY Shepherd mix rescue dog!

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