Hello, my name is Illia Chavez.
I'm a young gal who raises a whole ton of chickens in the middle of no-where because I love it, they supply me food, and it's a fascinating and pleasing thing to watch what the genetics of a flock can do. And, of course, there's nothing like home-grown chicken and eggs, straight from a free ranged flock!

At the moment I raise a mixed flock of hens including Ameraucanas, Araucanas, Brahmas, Marans, Polish, Easter Eggers, Shamos, Sussex, and various mutts.
I do purebred breeding programs as well as focused "Easter Egger" programs, too. I work with true rumpless/tufted Araucanas, a work-in-progress improvement program on Tolbunt colored Polish, and Easter Eggers who come in colors no hatchery can offer, and lay beautiful rich blue to pastel blue to white eggs as well as a couple "Olive Eggers" now and then. Olive Eggers are basically a cross of a dark egg layer (I use French Marans) and a blue or green layer (I use Araucanas) My goal with them is to acheive a super dark rich green egg layer with an appearance like no other, super foraging ability with blending but beautiful coloration, and also a heavy, well filled body for meat purposes.

When I'm not spending time with the chickens or talking about them, I also tend to the rest of the property which includes small assorted orchards of unusual and slightly normal fruits and nuts as well as random/scattered gardens and a very large greenhouse, supplying me with food that normally doesn't grow too well in our wet, cloudy, cool, short-seasoned northwest climate. I also take care of my family's dogs. We raise purebred Boerboels as well as a little Bandog program. (Bandog is the name for a cross, usually involving Mastiffs and bully type breeds, with an objective of a very loyal, abled protection dog) We use Boerboel, Great Dane, and Pitbull in our breeding.