I am a 13 year old girl that asked her dad if they could clean out the old shed and make it into a chicken coop. I was not serious about really getting chickens but when i started to look at them more and more i became fascinated by them. I am the person who wants to start a big farm on my dads land of 142 acres. Right now i have 8 hens, 4 barred rocks (Babs,Cluckers,Hoover,Instein), and I think 4 Amerucanas (Mini Me,Swiffer,Spoof, Peaches). i also have 2 dogs a long haired weimaraner named Grizzly and a Yellow Lab named Juno. The animals remaining are cats and a horse. the horses name is Robbie. The cats are Lily,Keke, and Smokey. i have been asking my dad for a free foxtrotter but he wont get him for me because we just got chickens on 6-19-11.
the posing chicken Hoover
the really mean chicken Cluckers
this is the best chicken ever named Babs

Instein the curious one
swiffer the shy one
Mini Me the follower