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By mommabearamanda · Feb 11, 2015 · Updated Feb 11, 2015 · ·
  1. mommabearamanda
    Well I have 6 little Black Australorps so ready to go outside! they are about 6 weeks old, nearly all feathers are in and they get a tad bit restless from time to time to leave the brooder they are in....I was going to do an upcycle type coop out of shipping pallets however they were harder to find around here then expected...any other time you would see them sitting in piles on the side of the road...it just goes to show that once you need something it's no where to be found...So with only 3 shipping pallets to my name I knew I wasn't going to build much of anything with those and the palace I have in my head well....I hope it works out for all involved. So just as I started looking through Craigs List for wood, my kind neighbor from down the road came knocking on my door with a huge smile on his face and said I hear your trying to build a coop with only 3 shipping pallets....hahaha yeah yeah funny, he says to me step outside for a moment I want to ask you something, do you think you could build those ladies a palace with this wood? And there it was pilled high into an open bed trailer wood stacked so high with a 10 by 20 kennel as their run!! I didn't know what to do with it all...So here I am looking for designs for a coop of all get out for my 6 beautiful feathered ladies...Now I am handy and have some help however I'm not able to build anything like a coop with a hot tub or a steam bath ;) but I think it will be snazzy and I hope it turns out fabulous. wish me luck! by the way, I'm Amanda and I'm new to BackYard Chickens. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!



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  1. N F C
    Good luck with your coop build (what an awesome neighbor)!
  2. soozannah
    Yes, I still hv the plans. Let me learn how to post a pic and I'll wait for your reply.
  3. soozannah
    I think I still have the plans I used for my coop. Are you still looking for coop plans? Let me see if I hv the plans and I'll come back with a foto.
  4. Handyhens
    Your neighbor is awesome! check out the coops and gallery sections for ideas. good luck w/ your cuties!

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