My Life as I Know It: (meaning, me and my animals)
My name is Noelle and I have a passion for life, food, good movies that make you cry, and...animals:). I am the dedicated mama of 4 horses (1 an arabian/morgan, 2 quarter horses, and 1 paint), 5 ckickens (used to be 10...4 died from dog attacks and 1 died from heart attack. RIP:,( But i am soon adding to my flock with BO's, Barred Rocks, and more RIR and 1 particular silver spangled hamburg girl that i will enter into showing once she reaches a specific age), 3 CRAZY cats (Love them all, even though they drive me insane), 1 Dog (soon to be 2...:). ), 1 Cockatiel, 1 Parakeet (both girls), 1 red-eared slider water turtle, and a 25-gallon tank filled with guppies, angelfish, mollies, and other various freshwater fish. I am soon to move to a bigger piece of property (around 20+ acres) in the next year or two, and then i will have 1 or 2 more horses, around 3 cows (only betsys), a really beatiful koi pond, a bigger flock..., :)and hopefully some goats and piglets!!
And just so you know, I am 15 and going to be entering 4-H pretty soon (as soon as i get my SSH girl), and all these animals are my family's except one of the cats, my soon-to-be SSH chick, 1 of the horses (Sweety, a girl quarter horse), the 1 parakeet, all the fish, and i will soon have 2 of my very own BO girls, and one of the RIR girls. And when i move, i will own any piglets that we have. I hope on going to Colorado UV of Boulder, CO and am going to be a freshman at Angelo Rodrieguez high school, and then transfer to American Canyon High school for soph., jr., and sr. years. I hope on majoring in radiology in college, but also taking any interesting writing, journaling, art, and/or animal classes. (the animal classes would be focusing on endangered species and how today's generation affects the population of these species, and other important topcs).
I'm happy to be a part of the BYC community, and enjoy all of it. Love ya'll!!:D