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By Feather Hearts · Jun 15, 2017 · ·
  1. Feather Hearts
    For those of you who don't know, Albert was a golden coturnix quail. She was much loved, oh my poor baby Albert. She lived a bittersweet life and never had chicks, RIP Albert. Here is the story of Alby, a wonderful quail who will never be forgotten;
    I'll never forget the first time I got hatching quail eggs. I bought a batch of 12 eggs for $8. For 18 long days I waited. When the day of the hatch came I was ecstatic! 6 out of 12 eggs hatched, and It was amazing! I loved the little bundles of fluff!

    Sadly, a few weeks later I was struck with some terrible news... My stepdad rang and told me that five of the babies had died. It was awful. Only one, little Albert survived. For the first dad or so she was terrified, but after a lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care) Albert began to relax.

    Soon, Albert was full grown, but really lonely. So, I hopped online and tried to find some more quail. I soon found a breeder, and a day later I had one Texas A&M male and a Tuxedo female. After a couple of days they were put in a cage together.

    So, Albert is about 7 months when this happned; My parents are divorced, and I was at my dad's. When I went home to mom, she broke the news to me; "Honey, Albert is dead" I bawled my eyes out, gorgeous little Alby, the friendliest, loveliest little quail.

    Anyway, all in one that's the story of my little Albert. Rest in peace Alby
    Albert the quail 05-09-16 to 24-05-17
    Pecking the camera:

    Minding my own business:

    The camera's to tall!

    I'm hungry!

    Not standing still:

    Just eating:

    The only photo with good lighting:

    Rest in peace Albert. :hit

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  1. Whittni
    I'm sorry you lost your little buddy, he was very cute. However, what's the number one thing we preach on BYC? Biosecurity. We do not introduce new birds to our own, until they've been monitored for at least two months. In the future to protect your pets, you'll need to practice good biosecurity. Additionally, you cannot put two male quails together, they will fight to the death due to territory issues, if locked in a cage.

    *Edit* We also don't put birds right in with our own, right? You'll want to look up flock integration. This goes for all poultry species.

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