In memory. Rest in peace Hops

By BBCHICKS123 · Feb 18, 2017 · ·
  1. BBCHICKS123
    I have been putting this off for a while but now feel ready to make this page.
    Hops was an amazing duck here is his story.
    One cold day in early December l went out to take care of the goats and l saw one of are many Pecan ducks laying down outside the pen l went to pick him up and he did try to run from me but he could not make it far seeing as he could not use one of his legs. I brought him inside and put him in a box. His leg could not bend the only position it could be in was right behind him. This went on till after Christmas, Hops had never been handled before l brought him inside and at this point he was like the best duck there ever was he loved to watch movies and make a mess in the tub but despite all this he was not getting better. One day l decided that he ment so much to me that a trip to the vet would not be to much to ask. So l made the appointment to see the vet. The next day we were on are way to the vet when the vet came in and had a good look at him she thought it was a nero spine injury. I think she was right. Hops was on 4 medicines and a big PT course he was doing so much better he could walk across the the hall. One day he went downhill and that night l went out to feed him and he was almost dead l held him in my arms and said goodbye right as he took his last breath and closed his eyes, at least l cold say goodbye, all l could do is cry for the next 30 minutes l really miss him.

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  1. hooktontravel
    So sorry for your poor Hops and for you! it is so hard when they die.
  2. TwoCrows
    Oh I am so sorry about Hops. *HUGS* I know how hard it is to lose them. I have lost a few over the years and it really breaks your heart. I do hope your heavy heart heals soon. *HUGS*
  3. BBCHICKS123
    Yes it was one of the saddest things ever just watching him pass with nothing l could do
  4. PeepersMama
    Oh Bobi, thats so sad *hugs* watching something die is really hard :"""(
  5. mustangrooster
    This is so touching. Im so so sorry that you lost him.

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