In Over Our Heads And Loving It

By Back2MyRoots · Apr 15, 2012 · ·
  1. Back2MyRoots
    When I was a little girl, my grandparents grew a large amount of the food that we ate. Fresh fruits and veggies in the summer and lovely canned goods that my MawMaw put up in the winter. They didn't raise chickens themselves, but aunts and uncles did so there was always farm fresh eggs to enjoy also. I miss those days. The days grow longer and the temperature rises and I begin to want to get back to my roots. I've been telling my husband for years that I'd like a garden and some chickens, but we just never seem to have the time.

    Well this year I was fed up with not having "enough time". So as soon as the weather was warm enough, I tilled over a ton of cow manure into my garden plot and set to work planting all sorts of lovely things in the ground. With my plants already growing and thriving, I started itching for another project: enter 6 little chirping fluff balls. 6 precious little Golden Comet chicks purchased on an absolute WHIM at our local feed and seed.

    The girls (or at least I hope they are girls!!!) are now just over 3 weeks old! They are growing and changing everyday! They live in my guest bathroom in a giant rubbermade box-turned-brooder. Every night after work I spend 30 minutes with each girl while I watch tv or putt around the internet reading as much on chickens as I can find. The chickie darlings settle onto my shoulder and make the sweetest noises in my ear while I unwind from my day. We haven't even started on their coop yet! We are absolutely in over our heads, but you know what? I am loving EVERY minute of it!

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  1. Back2MyRoots
    I can't believe it, but at 5 weeks old, our little Chickie Darlings are outside now. I love having my guest bathroom back, but I miss them being just a few feet away to check on. We adapted our buck rabbit's old hutch into a pretty snazzy "half-way house" for the girls until we can get the coop finished. I've set up a small fenced in area that I truck the girls back and forth to a couple of times a day whenever I am out in the garden working. And the best news is, SO FAR ALL SIX ARE STILL ALIVE AND KICKING... er chirping! :)

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