For all of you that are new to the hobey of incubation let me congradulate you,for you have just joined a group of thousands of chicken fans and bird lovers.
If you aren't new to incubating i have only one thing to say.......WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY PAGE IF YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW!
First if you are going to be incubating you need plenty of room for your new birds. Second make sure you have permision to raise chikens espacially if you live in urban areas just look up the zoning laws for your sate.
Third YOU WILL NEED AN INCUBATOR! Make sure you pick a good reliable model that will have enough room for all your eggs i recomened the hova still air incubator or the little giant still air incubator. With these
models you can buy forced air units to help hold tempature and even automatic egg turners! for these and other models look in your local feed store or online like at
Lastly once you have your incubator READ THE INSTUCTIONS THOURGHLY! or else! For more info on chicken rearing email me your
questions @ [email protected]
And head over to the learning center.CHECK IT OUT