Incubation History

By ChickenPalace · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ChickenPalace
    Incubation History

    I will keep track of happenings as we progress to "HATCH" day.
    March 13, 2009
    DAY 1 - Setting the Eggs
    We set 16 eggs today. They include RIR and RIR/Australorp "X". Temperature remained stable at 100 degrees and humidity at 39 %. I logged the weight of each egg and noted any unique characters of each egg. They are numbered 1 - 16.

    Forgot to take a picture.

    Day 2 through 3
    The temp has been good, but did a prelimary candling. Lost egg number 1 - had a hairline crack.


    Day 5
    Temp and humidity still good candled again. Saw veins in all but two eggs. Was able to get one good picture showing some veins.

    Day 7
    Temp and humidity still good candled again. Lost one egg, but the rest look great.
    Had another unexpected problem. One of my hens was broody, so we built her a broody house this weekend. Put her in on Sunday with some golf balls.
    She liked it - so I gave her three eggs out of the incubator. (picture on left)
    Wish I had known before I bought my incubator that I would have a FREE incubator!

    No picture.

    Day 8 though 13
    Temp and humidy staying steady.


    Day 14
    Temp and humidy still doing fine. Candled today. Found one bad egg - pictured to the left.
    You can clearly see the crack.

    IMG_0096.gif IMG_0098-1.gif

    More pictures of GOOD Eggs. Pictures taken on day 14.


    Day 18 - Removing auto turner.

    First one to hatch - Egg #13

    Day 21 - April 3

    Second to hatch - Egg #4

    Day 22 - April 4


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