Introducing Limsan
Hello fellow chicken lovers! Please bear with me as I am learning as I go. (much like raising the chickens. ha,ha) I live up north in lovely rainy BritishColumbia with my crazy but loving husband and about 35 chickens, 3 roosters, 9 cats,and 1 wild mouse (rescued from the kitty's mouth) Ok. Here is my very first attempt to upload an image.(this is actually about my 7th try)
Not the best photo of me but it's the only one I could find.Oh no... my photo has disappeared! Ah,got it back.Not my best photo but it is the only one amidst a sea of chicken pics. (I have no idea who the guy in back is I was standing in a lineup)Any way,on with the introduction; I am quite new to the chicken world. I never could have imagined what was in store for me. Like a lot of people,(city people)I thought chickens would be very easy and simple-toss them some food occasionally and they would basically take care of themselves. I would have that lovely chicken chatter in the background of my day plus eggs fresh and wholesome! If you have stopped laughing I can tell you that I have become very quickly divested of all my old notions of easy and simple.
(although this is fun it is exhausting. Trying to learn to do this while thinking about what to write It doesnt help that former crazy but loving husband is in the background bitching and moaning .......) I better take a break. Bye all....for now It is now a few hours later and I am feeling frustrated and rather slow. I can't seem to get a handle on uploading,labelling my photos or adding the url thing. I guess I will try again tomorrow.
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