Introducing new chicks to existing hens...

  1. Chesterschickens
    B0A9E4E5-3E63-45C0-A590-4D14439C0057.jpeg I have four hens ( Black Austrolop and three Easter Eggers) and I am introducing four new littles ( one Olive Egger that I suspect is a roo, one Lavender Ameraucana also suspect, a Black Copper Maran and Easter Egger Frizzle that I think are both ladies). They are about 10 weeks old and have been out now for a month in a side by side coop with just lattice separating them. I have done a few hours here and there of letting the Bigs out to free range and letting the littles have the entire run. Then when I let the Bigs in the Littles are just there...two hens have taken it upon themselves to keep the littles in check... the other two don’t seem to mind. Lately I have done this daily... do you think I might just try leaving them together at this point? They need to sort out at some time right????

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  1. Yorkshire Coop
  2. CCUK
    I think this needs to be in a forum rather than an article. But yes if there is no bloodshed or bullying then I would leave them together. They will sort themselves out with normal chicken pecking order behaviour but if they seem OK your about there! :thumbsup
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  3. Chesterschickens
    Another question is if the cockerels will have a harder time of things? The older ones seem to be going for them first!

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