Is there an AA for chicken addicts?

By omaeve · Mar 16, 2013 · Updated Apr 16, 2013 · ·
  1. omaeve


    Bawk ... Is there an AA for chicken addicts?..I started out in Sept. 2012 just going to a chicken swap, because I wanted to get some the next spring. I came home with three. then i found Byc on the Internet.I found a rare breed (cream Leghorns blue egg laying chickens)imported I ordered two. A week later i went to pick them up. they had silkies and I just had to get one. Then I looked at all the silkies on the Internet and found out I could not order silkies till spring. So come January I ordered Silkies. while i was looking for them I found a one day special for Feather legs. Come Jan 31 they came. 25 of the cutest little fuzz balls. March I went to SS to get some more supplies . Chick days, had to order 3 Dominique's and found out you have to get 6 so also got 3 Silver lace Wyndottes. March 14 my 20 silkies arrived. they threw in 7 mystery red chickens, just to keep the silkies warm. The same night my son stopped by tsc told me they had the light Brahma's i had not gotten in my feather leg special, so he got 6 for me. SS called and told me the chickens I had said I wanted were ready to order how many did I want ordered 6 more for April 4, Last night I went to take my daughter-in-law to meet my son,after we got to our meeting spot he called and said he was going to meet us at tsc,,well I decided by now to get some more wire to enlarge the chicken run. his wife told him no more chickens till he gets them a coop after they Left I got the 99cent pullet special 9 MORE......PLUS an Circulated air Incubator with turner and an egg basket..think i am going to need it. BWAAAK ....Are you keeping count? So I decided to start a page for Chicken Addicts.
    I am up to 70 chickens now and worry how fast I am going through feed . at 1/4 lb per chicken this should be about 18 lbs a day when they are all laying. If you have standard chickens you would divide your number of chickens by three and this will tell you how much feed to buy. I feed my birds fermented feed. How many of you have feed your birds fermented feed?
    If you might Be a chicken addict this might be the forum for you.

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  1. omaeve
    Sure hope you will post some pictures of you with your chickens here.waiting is the hardest thing with chickens.waiting for eggs, or the color they are, what sex they will be,and waiting for eggs to hatch. Please post what kind of chickens they are when you post pictures of your chickens.
  2. venus
    I'm really new to it - the chicken thing. I was umming and ahhhing for months before my partner said "just go for it'. I bought a flat pack coop off TradeMe (NZ's equivalent to ebay) then bought four beautiful Brown Shavers also off TradeMe. 5 and a half weeks old on New Years Eve. Now I spend all my waking hours either talking about them, photographing them, sitting in their tractor with them reading my book if I get the chance. If it's too late and they're roosting then I spend hours on BYC. I give them kitchen treats every day as well as Scratch and Lay and grower crumble. They're 16 weeks old now and I'm eager for some eggs. I keep checking but I know there'll be nothing there for a few more weeks - I just can't wait. I worry about them all the time when I'm not there and have even been known to go home at lunchtime from work to check up on them! I love their individualities and love the way they are maturing into their personalities. They show so much love back too. It's wonderful. :)
  3. omaeve
    come onboard and describe your addiction
  4. omaeve
    73 good grief
  5. venus
    So I lost count. How many are you up to now?
  6. earlybird10842
    I'm a chicken addict! Cute title!

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