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Isabelle My Dear Silkie

  1. Chickenfan4life




    I got Isabelle as a straight run chick from Atwood's. She was a healthy chick when I got her, but then she got majorly sick. She was almost dead when she "pulled up" and started eating and drinking. I continued taking care of her, and, despite silkies growing slow, she grew up quickly! She grew from a tiny, sickly chick, to a large, full-fledged hen in no time at all. However, she took forever to come into lay! [​IMG]

    She was almost 11 months old when she finally started to squat. A few days later, she happily sang the egg-song after laying her first egg! It was bloody and small, but very pretty, with a light cream colored shell. Whatever people say about silkies being bad layers, Isabelle proves them wrong! She lays an egg every day, even in winter!

    Naming Isabelle was a tough thing to do. I started with the name Snow. Then I decided to call her Bessie. Then, I continued on to call her Bella, but that just didn't fit at all. So, I asked Mom. She just randomly blurted out "Isabelle" and I declared that to be her name. Isabelle used to be a snow white color, but the sun always beaming down on her feathers turned them yellow. I don't care. She isn't show-quality anyway. I just say that her feathers reflect the summer sunlight. [​IMG]

    She is a very indecisive broody. One day, she'll decide the wants to be a broody, but the next day, she's forgotten all about being a broody, and I'll take the eggs away. Then she'll lay another egg the next day and not brood it. But, a few days later she will brood an egg or two. She isn't a mean broody like some people may have. She will puff up and squawk, but she never pecks. Good Izzy.

    One thing that Isabelle has always been is L-O-U-D! Even as a day-old chick, she had the loudest voice in the brooder. She had a long, shrill peep-peep! Now, she has the loudest voice in the barn! She has a distinctive bwauuuwk-bwauwk-bwauwk! sound. She does it so loud her voice sorta shakes, like an opera singer, or something.

    I love my dear, sweet Isabelle. She is my special, special girl.

    Thanks for reading! Please comment! [​IMG]

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  1. Silkie Nut
    What a cutie!
  2. texasgurl
    My silkie is named Isabel too!!! However, our Isabel turned out to be a boy. Yours is just beautiful!
  3. Chickenfan4life
    Sure. Send me a PM if you like! If you are referring to Hokum Coco...
  4. BigRooNTN
    New to Silkies. I have 2 buffs. Suppose to be hens. Not real sure. I would like to send pm if ok.
  5. Hokum Coco
    I was thinking about maybe getting a silky. I hear they are usually good brooders. What are they like when it comes to dealing with Canada and the cold No heat No insulation???
  6. mfpif16
    silkies are so cute! now I want one!
  7. chickenbusiness
    Excellent writing! We need more people to share
    true stories like this more often. Very worth the reading. Thank you very much for sharing. Greatly appreciated!
  8. HennyPennyCrazy
    She is adorable! And so lucky to have you!
  9. DDNONIN2016
    Loved your story about Isabelle. She is a cutie
  10. CountryGeorge
    Silkies are a must get for me someday down the road.

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