It aint pretty, But it was FREE
So I had my feed split between a 1 qt chick feeder & 24" tray type chick feeder for my 5 Red sex link hens. This was working well except that all the food usage was I think jsut waste as they were knocking the feeders over in the coop. So I went looking for a new feeder & found the regular store bought ones for 30 bucks.. OUCH!! My hens only cost me 25 bucks between the 5 of em so I diddnt want to spend that much on a feeder. well on a recent trip to my dads house I noticed he had what appread to be the same store type feeder in one of his coops except a little mroe beat up & then I realised it was a coffee can, pie tin & a couple wire coat hangers. So I decided to make my own..
Well what you see here is the bottom of a square cat litter container (used this instead of a 5 gallon bucket since it is a little smaller), 2 plastic Folgers coffee cans (are they still called coffee cans when there plastic), some insulated copper wire & some scrap wood I had sitting around.


My chickens dont eat much so I couldnt tell you how much this holds. But it goes down about 1/2" a day & has a total of about 18" of food.
Here is the 2 gallon watterer that I wanted to get off the shelf that was in here. I havent though of anything creative & free to make this any bigger so it was just some of the same copper wire twisted around the indent near the top. Should be mentioned though that this waterer was actually free because my grandparents had it & diddnt know why (they had ferrets about 15 or so years ago & our best guess is that this has been sitting around since then).

Here are a couple pics of the feeder & waterer in the coop.


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