It's All About My Girls!(and roosters:)

By dogeatsbone · Jun 15, 2014 ·
  1. dogeatsbone
    I Am A Chicken Fanatic! [​IMG]
    I have seven chickens! I have a Brahma, amber link, barred rock, buff orpington, white orpington, black australorp, and a silver laced wyandotte. They are sooo pretty! They are all about 1 year(that is how long we have had them) old. Except for little darwin. He is 1/2 a year old. He's a little rascal. I dunno why![​IMG]I got them from The Poultry Hatchery in Fayette New York. A.K.A You should get your chickens here because they aren't factory made eggs. they are home grown free range chickens. And if you think that i'm just saying that because it says so on the website im not. I actually went to the place. I didn't order them through mail. Once our chicken darwin ate too many grapes. He threw up bubbles after wards. My chickens favorite snacks are grapes, dried mealworms, happy hen treats party mix, tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelon. Those chicks are crazy and bizzare.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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