Wow! I had no idea there was so much information or pit falls to raising chickens. I have been blessed. About a year ago, a neighbor brought home a hen and a rooster.......and since I feed the wild birds regularly here at the 'house on Pooh Corner', Henrietta and Charlie decided they liked hanging out at my house best and in a couple of days, they decided that the shelf in my garage was their evening terrace resting spot and they have been sleeping there ever night ever since. In mid march, Henrietta essentially disappeared and I was in fear something had eaten her or carried her off, but then one morning I saw her waddle out from under the hedge and I looked and saw what I thought were 4 eggs. She continued to stay there night and day for about 21 days and then on april 3rd, to my surprise, there were 14 little chicks!!! 7 were black and 7 were brown, white and black.
I am sure I have a lot to learn as they live in my garage and hang out in the area in and around the house. Luckily I live in a sparsely developed area so they have free range, but I am always concerned about preditors, but I can't imagine caging them up now, as they seem very content.

Thanks for creating such a seems loaded with info. I am trying to figure out what 'type' of chickens I have, if anyone can help me with that, all the kewler...
Best Chicken Wishes for all the Peeps!