I live in northeast Kansas on 160 acres. It's home to my husband, Mike and myself, along with two haflinger horses, a small but growing flock of chickens, numerous boer and nubian goats, 3 great pyrenees, one "bird dog" mix, a boston terrier,a german wirehaired dachshund and a chihuahua. Oh, and a few darn barn cats. Most of the dogs were "rescues" and the cats were too, along with a couple strays that wandered up. My husband also has a talking double yellow headed amazon parrot and a screaching, noisy, irritating but beautiful sun conure. I love to deer and turkey hunt and am a hunter education instructor.
This is an antique horsedrawn blacksmith wagon that had been converted into a farm shop. I recently purchased this at a farm auction. The project is now nearly completed, and this is home to my laying hens and all my poultry supplies. I have a run for the layers off the back and side, and am in the process of building my separate breeder pens on the other side.

We have had chickens off and on for years, but when we moved here we had no facilities for them, so I gave them to my sister. We are just now getting back into it as we get our coop and pens completed. We have a few black jersey giants (beautiful!) some buff orpingtons, a pair of partridge wyandotte bantams and a small flock of black copper marans. My goal is to breed marans looking toward the proposed standard as well as raise a few other birds to lay a variety of colored eggs. I have plans to obtain some black, silver and lavender ameraucanas in March. and will eventually keep a few "olive eggers" from them crossed with my marans. I also intend to add a few production laying hens to be able to sell enough eggs to hopefully pay for this hobby. (That's what my sister does... she keeps a few layers along with her show birds and sells eggs. It's just enough to pay for feed and a few expenses. It seems like a workable plan to me!)
Thanks to everyone here on BYC for all the information and advice. It's great to have so much information at my fingertips instantly!