[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Howdy to ya'll, Just found this forum and enjoyed reading the stuff.Was wondering if Golden Comets go by another name as well? I looked them up on McMurray hatcheries and no can find. We love these gals and want more. Mine are just a little over a year old and haven't missed a lick on laying. I kept them with a heat lamp through our winter and got eggs everyday. One would hold out on me then I would get a dbl yolker the next day. They think I am their mom. They are so tame I can hold one in my hand up in the air. I prefer GC over RIR. They love me. I treat them well. All my critters eat "high off the hog." It is cool to see so many writing from all over the country. Hey get this...I taught my ol'countryboy husband a thing or two about chickens. I was raised in the burbs but country by blood. ya'll have a good night now!!!! Julie and Ashley[/FONT]