Franny, is a Red (Rhode Island Red) and was our 1st hen. We rasied her from 2 days old. She is super curious and a hoot in the yard, if you leave the door open you wont be susprised to find her hanging out with the dogs in the kitchen or living room. She thinks she should be a free ranging house chicken. Started laying in Sept and only missed 3 days at the start. Hasn't missed a day since sept 6. 8 months+ pullet

Our newest little girl. Zella is an Australorp pullet. She is a gentle spirit and quite calm, inquizitive, and an easy going girl. She likes to take in what everybody is doing and uses those big beautiful eyes to watch the yard. She is 5 months+ and should lay any day!

The girl's coop. There is plently of room for our 3. I put in a really neat twisted old log that is both on and off ground. They sit out on it and smooth their feather even when the coop is open, which, is when ever one of us is home.