April 16, 2011 we became the proud owners of 6 chicks! 2 Golden Comets(Fluffy & Henny Penny), 1 white leghorn(Camilla), 1 white bantam(Lady) , and 2 black sex links(Mrs. Chick & Mrs. Tidleywinks) If you have not already guessed our boys named most of them. The best part was Mrs. Chick had to be renamed to Mr. Chick.

June 25, 2011 my husband completed our coop and we were able to reclaim our master bathroom. Our girls were so happy to be outside! Mr. Chick is the friendlist of them all, probally becasue he his handled the most by our 5 year as he claims him as his chicken.
July 16, 2011 we have had predator trouble. We have lost Mr. Chick and Lady. We had to modify the coop and really want some raccoon's heads!
August 24, 2011 Camilla is our first to lay so exciting! Her first egg was perfect!
September 2011 the next to lay is Fluffy and then Henny Penny. Their first 2-3 eggs were soft and within a week they too were laying perfect eggs! About a week later Mrs. Tidleywinks joined in the egg laying fun with light brown perfect eggs as well.

September 10 this week some of the girls lay every day. We are getting there!
September 17 I found one of my golden comets not looking so good. Her feathers are rather messy on her back. I found that she has a raw spot under her feathers as well. There were no signs of mites so I tunred to Backyard chickens for information. It turns out she is molting for the first time. I can see where a few new feathers are growing in areas where feathers are coming out. Glad it is molting as I was worried about her.
November No longer able to let my girls free range in the daytime as Mr Fox has moved close, we see him a few times a week. DEcided to take a walk with the dog and she found 2 active dens, the closest being 200 feet away from their coop.
January 2012 The reds seemed to still be molting and now that one is raw I have found she is being pecked. She is now sporting a chicken jacket I made and I applied bacitracin hoping to help her heal quickly.