Hi, my name is Jade, and just in case you were wondering, the 'Murphy' part of my username is because that's the name of my chocolate labrador, who I love love love!

I am 20 and live in England along with my parents, two brothers, sister, chickens, horses, dogs, rabbit, guinea pig, cat and tropical fish. <3

My parents are very busy people, so me & my siblings take care of the animals (well, I'd say just me, but there is the odd occasion when someone helps me!) and I am currently studying a degree in Conservation Ecology at university.

We have two hens and a cockerel, and this summer I decided to let the youngest of my chickens hatch two eggs when she became broody. Success! We had two little chicks, one black, one yellow, hatch on 09/11/2011. RIP to all those that lost their lives on this date.

Our chicks are called Sunday and Eleven, and they are the cutest little things ever!

Well that was last year, and now I'm 21 and a little bit more mature... yeahhh right!

Sadly since then we've said goodbye to the guinea pig, cat, and Sunday.

But over this spring we've aquired three new hens, bringing our flock to six girls and one boy. As I write this one of the new hens is sat on nine eggs. Wish me luck!