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Our New coop. Added on to the grandkids playhouse.

We were going to turn the kids old playhouse into a coop. I have a bad knee and after some thought, decided it would be an awful lot of climbing to clean and collect eggs.
My granddaughter wanted to keep the playhouse too. So we decided to add on to it. The new coop is 4' x 8'. We framed in a place for the nest box on the side, so we can collect
eggs from the outside. We'll add the nest box later. The run is under the playhouse and playhouse deck. Behind the playhouse, between the playhouse and garden fence is a walk
through gate to the run. There was a sandbox underneath which we left for the chickens. We put some more gravel and then sand under the deck. Under the deck in front and on top
of the fence, we put plastic lattice. It hides the chickens from the neighbors, who can see over our 6' privacy fence from their upstairs window.
We still have some more work to do, so will post more pictures later.