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Janetoras Member Page

By janetora · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. janetora
    Here are my three ladies. The red one is "Ziggy" We think she is a Rhode Island Red. She came out of an egg hatched in a classroom and my son said he would take her home. The black one is named "Pete" We think she is an Australorp. The brown one is "Radar" Pete and Radar came from the feed store. The feed store guy told my son that Ziggy should have company. I think Radar is just an Easter-egger but was bought as an Ameraucana but no beard or muffs.

    Here they are using the feeder my huband made. The wild birds were eating all the food! He used the plans I found on this website.
    This is the hen house still not painted yet.
    The three of them free range around my backyard eating whatever they find.

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