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  1. bigbike4
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    2012 first time chicken raisin! Got a leghorn chick from my local Co-op and 6 unknown chicks from my "local" (40 miles away) Tractor Supply store. I believe they are 3 additional Leghorns and 3 Rhode island reds, but am unsure about the red ones. Found some wood illegally dumped along a road, and found it to be old decking material, so of course I did my part to keep "State of Franklin" (East Tenn) clean. So I built my coup and then set about getting my month old babies "out to pasture" (well in their new home and out in their protected pen).[​IMG]Here they are as young uns!
    [​IMG]Here is my mostly built tractor, just needs a roof
    [​IMG]Still as babies but enoying their new pen

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  1. LindaR
    Your pen on the Chick pen on the bottom gave me an idea ! I am getting a 8 x 12 yard barn & am gonna fix it up for my Bantams.
    I had thought I would need to use 2 x 4 lumber, but just may not have to. Am so glad I saw your pictures. Thank for the idea !
  2. Fowl Frenzy
    what kind of chickens are they?

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