Farm report 7/9/11:
Hot damn hot! There is no cool air at the farm. The fowl are all hiding in the shade and walking thru the pools and pans that we regularly fill with water as a way to beat the heat. The chickens have stopped laying in protest to the heat and Huey the duck has taken to chasing after us when we dump out his pool. He gets pretty happy when it is refilled with cool water and he and Louie run around flapping their wings and quacking out around the yard and then back to the pool to play some more.
I had grand plans to get the pool liner put in place today but was unable to do it when my help decided not to show. Well I will try again next week I guess, sooner or later we will have a nice big pool full of water for us to play in. In the mean time, I decided to give Brice a haircut today. it ended up pretty short, but he at leastwill be cooler as a result. I have posted a few before and after pictures for you to see. Nikki is sitting in the living room giving Schnitzel a hair cut right now. He is putting up with the indignity quite well considering Hazel is teasing him every chance she gets.
I am making home made enchiladas today for dinner. I have a turkey carcass on the stove boiling down now with celery, onion, cummin, garlic, paprika, and chili powder for the mixture. We are getting everyone ready to go to the lake to swim later. Brice hasa new boogy board to try out and Nikki and I have new water lounges. I think we may leave the dogs at the house today and go get lost floating on the water wherever it takes us. Well the turky is finally starting to boil so I have to go attend to it. I am posting many new pictures for you Danna, the babies are about 5 lbs each and we have new baby poults out in the pen. They are getting big quick. We love you guys, take care and stay cool.
1st day with the new turkeys and chickens
thanksgiving is growing up fast
this poult is about 10 wks old he is the largest of the group.
I think this one is my tom for next year. He is pretty good size and seems pretty mild mannered so far.
Hazel is my buddy
this was taken today, i think she may have grown larger just this afternoon
Brice before the haircut
Wow, what a difference a haircut can make. Look out G.I. Joe here comes Brice.
Schnitzel is being so good for Nikki.
An hour and a half later. I think Schnitzel has lost 6lbs of hair.
What are you looking at? Go away nothing to see here keep moving.
Farm report 6/11/11: Seed

This morning while watering and feeding the fowl cutting the grass and feeding the dogs. I started thinking about the coming summer visit from the kids. Brice and Kiristen will be coming to stay with us from mid July to Aug. So much I want to do and so little time to do it. I have to get the permit request in for the pool, get it put up and run the electrical. Find the keys to Kristens car or figure out how to change the darn ignition switch. Put a new roof on the hen house and finish my composting area. Clean out my garage and redo the bathroom if time and money don't run out. Oh yeah, I also need to find a few days off and take the kids someplace for a mini vacation. I have no idea how I am going to get most of this stuff done but I have faith that it will get done. Instead of stressing over how I will get everything done, I choose to give it my best and have faith that it will all come together somehow. Jesus told us that a little faith can move mountains.
“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Mathew 17:20
This thought lead to another and before I knew it my chores were done and it was time to take the kids to the lake for a few hours. Fifty dollars at the store for ice, drinks, snacks, and cash to get in the state park, thirty dollars in gas to get there and back. Blow up the two boats and load up the kids, dogs, and my lovely wife and away we went. We headed to the park on the top side of Lake Ray Roberts, found a nice little pavillion and headed to the waters edge to see how Hazel would do. Hazel is our new puppy, she is chocolate lab and something and I was hopeful she would take to the water. Ray Roberts has two small islands about 250 yards from shore to the first and about the same distance to the next island. I headed out first into the clear cool water followed by Nikki and the kids. Neither of the dogs seemed happy getting wet and they ended up riding to the first island in the boat. Just before we made landfall on the island we claimed and named Morrow Major, Hazel jumped out of the boat and started swimming to the boat Schnitzel was in. Schnitzel was not happy when we put Hazel into his boat for the rest of the trip. Schnitzel jumped ship as soon as we made land fall and the chase was on with Hazel nipping at his heels. We made the trek to Morrow Minor with both dogs swimming at times and the boy child crying about how far we had to walk. Once we made a brief tour of our new islands we lauched into the great depths of the lake to play water games like body slam the Brice, tip kristen out of the boat and the kids favorite Drown dad. All in all we had a very nice afternoon and once at the house Brice and Hazel passed out for the night. We all retired for the night about 10:30. What a wonderful day spent with family.
I posted a few before and after photos for you to enjoy. We love you Danna hurry up and come see us again. We love all you guys in Houston and Belton. Hope to see you all soon. Take care of one another and above all, have a little faith.

Schnitzel and Huey


Huey all grown up


The turkey nest


the toms showing the babys how to strut.


seeds in the ground


add water and let God show off


Just like the garden they need a little tending to bring into full bloom, and a little pruning to keep them growing straight.

Farm report 5/29/11:

Good morning everybody! First morning with the new puppy Hazel, I woke up early this morning and carried her outside to do her business. She made it thru the night without making a mess in the house, woo hoo. I made my rounds with the baby turkeys and chickens. All are doing fine and getting huge. It was the first night without the nightlight for the turkeys. Its actually a heat lamp but thanks to the fine Texas weather I dont think it will be needed anymore. Everyone is doing fine this morning enjoying the cool winds and the feast of bugs to be found. I came inside to play with Hazel, she is very good at playing fetch and will bring the toy back to you every time. The fun comes in getting the toy from her and her razor sharp teeth. She is so clumsy right now, her big old feet and long legs get to moving and she cant stop. She ends up tripping over her own feet at times. Hazel is a chocolate lab, right now she is 10 weeks old and about 15lbs, within six months she will be 50 to 60lbs and at a year and a half can realize her full weight of around 90lbs. according to what I read she won't be mature till about 2yrs old. This is gonna be a fun couple of years. I hope the fowl can survive her puppy days.
This spring has been exciting for me with the baby ducks and turkeys and now Hazel. I have not had as much fun since Kristen and Brice were little bitty. I think back on how helpless and cute they were, relying on me for everything. Now my little girl is almost grown and Brice is getting there fast. My job now is to make sure they know right from wrong and hold them up when they are down. Help them thru rough spots and hardest of all to stand back and let them spread their wings. My job is no longer to hold them tight and protect them from everything that can hurt, but to be there when they fall and pick them back up. My most difficult job is to set rules and boundries for them and stay consistent in there application and doling out punishment as a consequence of not following those rules. What father wants to have to punish his child? Maybe if I just ignore the action this once my child won't do it again. Maybe I can let them pass this time and they will do right next time. If I just tell them what they are doing wrong without doling out a punishment, then we can still have fun today and they wont do it again, right?
With Hazel asleep at my feet and the house still quiet I contemplate what our Father in heaven tells us
Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11
Taking this at face value it is clear that we are to teach our children right from wrong. We have a great task as parents to prepare our children for all that life has to offer up. Children today are faced with more than we can imagine. We cannot protect or shield them from all that they encounter. The only thing we can hope to do is catch them when they fall, love them unconditionally and show them our love and obedience to God.
I have a lot to learn about being a good father, I constantly screw up and don't listen as closely as I should. I don't always say the right things or act in the proper manner when confronted with new situations. I get worried over bills and obligations and sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. In short I am like every other father before me, I can never hope to measure up to God's standard. I know that God is with me every step of the way and that he has prepared me to be a good father. I may not know how to handle a situation but I know that if I slow my role and do not act in haste, God will give me direction.
Pray often for your children, for patience, guidance and grace. In His name all things are possible, even being a good parent. Always remember they are a gift from our heavenly Father and so long as God is the head of our homes all will fall into place. Pray for Strength to do what you know to be right, for Patience to stay calm and deal with what life throws at you, for Grace to show Him in you're daily life.
"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:1-2
I Have a lot to learn about being a farmer, thru trial and error I will get my garden to grow more lush and hopefully weed free (yeah right) But as a father I have all the instruction I need and it is found in the bible. I thank my parents for raising me to be a Godly man. I am a work in process but I am God's child and as such I know that in the end we win. I pray that I can bestow the same knowledge to my children. Well the lawn needs to be mowed, Brice's bike needs fixing and I have to clean up and go to work later. So I'll sign off with this last thought. Slow down and pay attention to the animals, you can learn a lot from them. Love your children and be sure to tell them and show them constantly.


Hazel poor tired puppy


The birthmark saved this bird. We have named him Christian


jaleno pepper


straight neck squash


cherry tomatos


peach tree


Nikis califlower


rose of Sharon
New pictures of the poults
mailto:? week 3
Farm report 5/21/11:
"For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with
these words." 1 Thes 4:16-18
While waiting for the Rapture today I decided to goof around in the yard. I went out and took care of the assorted fowl this morning and then started in the garden. I quickly realized that God is a much better gardener than I. Nikki and I planted lots of stuff and it is all growing pretty well and staring to put off fruit. None of our plantings however come close to the dandelions and weeds that God has planted. I spent most of the day trying to eradicate the darned weeds. Nikki came out and joined the party and we both worked diligently. I transplanted many volunteer sunflowers and relocated some spagetti squash as they are growing like crazy and crowding each other out. We have been putting down hay in the aisles and between the plants to keep the weeds down. It seems to be working well and tends to keep the plants from drying out so fast. We have many types of beans, tomatos, peppers and squash close to harvest and the onions are getting huge. Nikki pointed out that one of the sunflowers is flowering. While I can't stand weeding it is pretty cool harvesting your dinner in the garden instead of going to the store to buy it.
The meaties are getting big, we haven't lost anymore in a week or two. we are down to 18 of them but they are healthy.. Huey and Louie are very large and are starting to talk more and more, there buddy spot has been swimming a few times and decided he does not like it. They are still the three amigos, I locked them into the large yard today. The other birds dont seem to bother them and I am tire of cleaning poo off the porch. The turkey poults are growing fast and are now larger by far than the two chicks we put in with them to teach them to eat and drink. I think tomorrow I am going to take Hanna out of the nursery and let her back with the rest of the birds. She has lost a lot of weight and seems to want to be with her tom's. She is such a good momma, whenever the dog comes over to the nursery she will display and chase him off to protect her babies. I hope removing her from them tomorrow goes well, I feel so bad having to lock her up in the coop when it rains. The poults cannot get wet or cold for several weeks as it takes over two months for them to fully feather out and be able to retain body heat.
Well, since we are not going home to see Jesus today, I have to get ready for work tomorrow. I have to go in at 2pm and I am worn out from working in the yard today. Remember to stop and smell the roses while you can, no one knows the day or time of His return. May God bless and keep you


Not sure why who laid it but the small egg is only about the size of a quarter. It is next to a turkey egg and regular chicken egg


I can't believe howbig they are getting. They both seem to have feathered out nicely.


the babies are getting big


My buddy Big Roy

Farm report 5/18/11

"Green acres is the place to be. Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide"... Keep Dallas, just give me that countryside. Everything is green and Spring has sprung. What a glorious week so far. The garden is producing already, we had straight neck squash, beans and carrots last night. The chickens are getting fat, the turkeys are getting big, and the ducks are monsters. We are no where near self sufficient, but we won't be spending as much at the grocery store this year. I hope all is well in Houston, we are bobbing along here in the country where time moves a little slower and the air is a little sweeter. Got home today and Brice and I took care of the fowl and checked on the baby turkeys. When we were finished we sat down under the tree and enjoyed the breeze. I posted a few pictures below for you.
Getting pretty excited about this summer, the kids will be coming to stay with us in July. I am hoping we will get in quite a bit of time in at the lake. We are pretty sure that Brice is going to be living with us for next school year, God willing. We are still on the search for our church home, we are going to visit the baptist church in Pilot Point this weekend.
My sister was officially sworn in to city council in MPR, now we have two politicians in the family. I kind of feel like Billy Carter. No more speeding tickets for me, ha ha. No seriously now, beer anyone. Ha ha I'm proud of you little sister.

the monster ducks


My love, my boy, schnitzel and bruiser


Big Roy has to get in the picture, he is such a ham.. er ... turkey.


the garden


bruiser, he almost lost an eye from the hen that hatched him.
farm report 5/11/11
by Jason Morrow on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 10:04pm
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I picked up my son today, he spends the night on Wednesdays. It was storming pretty good today and we saw many tree limbs down on the way home. God was puttin up a wonderful light show, lightning shooting across the sky, winds howling and pushing the rain in sheets. I suppose God was feeling sorry for Oakland as he gave them a reprieve from the 7-0 beating they were taking from the Rangers. Once we got home we went out the check the fowl, no one drowned but they didnt look to happy (except the ducks) I went out to check on Hanna and her week old poults and found the roof was leaking and the pen soaked. I had to gather up all the poults and put them in a cage in the back shop. Hanna was mad at me, She even tried to attack me as i was putting her poults in a transport bag. I had to come back fand gather her up in my arms to carry her into the shed and put her back in with the babies. I moved the food and water and put some alfalfa in for bedding, set the heat lamp up to keep them nice and toasty. It is a little tight for them but will have to do as it is supposed to rain most of the week.
Big Roy, General and the turkey hens were all hiding in the chicken coop trying to get dry while all the chickens were outside drenched. About a half an hour before dark the skys cleared and gave everyone a chance to dry out before bed. No dirty birds in my yard tonight, ha ha. I have lots to do this weekend with removing broken tree limbs and hopefully cutting the grass. The garden took a pretty big hit from the wind today. I had to go back out and stake the sunflowers, corn and tomatos tonight, we spent most of last weekend weeding the garden and putting down hay around the plants to help retain the moisture and keep the weeds at bay. Well gotta go get the boy ready for bed.
God bless and keep you thru good times and bad. The storms will always pass and leave a everything new and fresh.


Farm report 5/07/11:
by Jason Morrow on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 10:43pm
Well another day I wont get back has come and gone. Spend a good portion of it repairing my neighbors riding lawn mower. Whoever designed the darn thing should be tarred and feathered, I had to take the cutting deck, and main body section off to get access to the belts. Oh well it is all put together and running well. Only thing left to do now is to get my neighbor to cut my lawn to test it out. Danny came out today and we replaced his brake booster, a little more practice and we'll make a mechanic out of him.
More turkeys hatched out, we now have 4 in the house with 2 eggs to go and 7 babies outside with momma. She also has a couple chicks in with her she is raising. Not sure why but the little chicks like to clmb up on Hanna's back and sit, she doesn't seem to mind. The ducks are getting huge and Spot the chick thnks he is a duck, and the three amigos as we call them run around checking out everything together.
Nikki worked in the garden today and tells me we have tomatos and peppers blooming and starting to develop and the carrots and radishes are growing nicely. We have raspberries on the bush and I need to build a trellis for the beans. The string squash We planted a few weeks ago is really growing quick. Can't wait to start harvesting stuff.
Mom's we love you both and hope you have an extra special mothers day. Danna we love you and want you to get well soon and come back to visit us, the turkeys miss you.

The three amigos Huey Louie and Spot (hding in the bushes)


Huey and Louie


Hanna and her hitch hiking chick


Schnitzel making friends with Lucky (he is the only poult to survive from Tommies nest) He was almost dead when i brought him in the house.


This little group will be joining their brother and sisters toward the end of the week. Until then Nikki, Schnitzel and I are taking care of them