Welcome to jaspersmam pa'sage!!!!!!
My sister and I have 40 chickens and 41 eggs in the incubator! Although were hatching about half of them for a friend. I only have one that is just mine that my sister and I don't share, he's a Black Rosecomb Bantam named Jasper (hence the name jaspersmama). Jasper has such personality, he thinks that he is all that, and that he can fight our Delaware rooster! He cracks me up!!!!
My sister and I have14 Delawares, 10 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Red Sexlinks, 5 Black Rosecomb Bantams, 3 Silver Penciled Wyandottes, 3 Jersey Giants (2 blk, 1 blue), 2 Copper Marans (black or blue?) and 8 Silver Laced Cochin Bantam eggs, 4 Black Copper Marans eggs & 7 Silver Penciled Wyandotte eggsin the bator. WOW 40 Chickens!
All of our chickens have names. They also have the sweetest personalities. Even our one Delaware roo that was said to be mean and a pecker. Of course he'll peck you once and a while pretty good, but other wise he is sweet. He'll let you pick him up and you can walk him on a leash too. It's pretty funny!