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    Black Javas are quick to feather out. They are curious and quiet chicks who love to dig through the pine chip bedding and strew it all about. They love to try new treats like little bits of strawberry and lettuce leaf. Dandelions flowers and leaves are other favorites. Be sure they have had some grit before giving them foods other than the chick starter pellets. We only have one month of experience with these birds, but look forward to a long and productive relationship.





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    6 month old pullets​

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  1. Chickielady
    I absolutely love my black Javas, there is none better.
    Exhibition birds that have been carefully tendered & culled to perfection by the world's best known Java Breeder.
    I am thus blessed, and cannot say enough about the breed nor the breeder.
    My flocks are being increased even as I write, and I love the birds more each day.
  2. Bigdtc
    I have 4 and am very impressed with them They are excellent layers of light to dark brown eggs and get along with everyone, once their "pecking order" is established..
  3. bigzio
    I've had them for years. The hens are very nice and gentle. Being a critical breed there is plenty of room for improvement toward the Standard Of Perfection. That makes this breed fun for folks who like to improve a critical breed back to being popular again.

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