Patty's Poultry

I raise Black Java Chickens and thought I would post some photos of my birds.
Spring 2009

This is a photo of the rooster I called The Old Man. He was 7 years old in this photo (2009) and still a beautiful bird.

The Old Man liked his treats.

A nice Black Java Hen.

My chickens enjoying the Springtime (2009).

I will add photos this spring (2011) of the new flock of Black Javas.
Yes I have a few other breeds too, but no photos right now: Seramas, Blue & Black Polish, Partridge Silkies, a golden laced Wyandotte hen and a Blue India Peacock & young Black Shoulder Peahen.

Projects I am working on:
1. Building my first and new poultry barn this Spring(2011). I have been using chicken tractors.
2. Re-establishing my Black Java Flock and showing them.
3. Working on creating/finding Black Java Bantams.

Patty Dornbusch
email: [email protected]
Southeastern Indiana