We are having a lot of fun this year! We are very blessed, and credit everything we have to our Lord and Savior. We have added The Rabbit Run. Where we have had much fun this last few months. First came our plan to have chickens. It started in January, my research of different chicken breeds and how to keep them. Our homeschooling projects were centered around chicken keeping. We also decided to later add rabbits, though we thought after we had aclimated to having poultry. And possibly a pair of ducks that we could let hatch each spring. We are a frugal group here in our lovely state of Oregon. So I put this whole idea together after realizing God had already provided all that I needed and it was here in my own yard unused! After wishing and dreaming I could have my own piece of country heaven. <3
We ended up bringing home a Golden Laced Wyandotte (my first choice), a Silver laced Wyandotte, and as an after thought a Barred Plymouth Rock.