Hi, I'm JBLover, I love Japanese Bantams, they are my favorite breed. I don't have any yet, but I plan on getting some soon. What I do have currently are two extremely aggressive barred rocks, they flog and peck and charge me whenever they see me coming up to the fence to feed them. I don't know why they do it, I raised the hen myself and was extremely gentle with her, treated her like a baby, she lived inside in a dog carrier and had fresh food and water daily, I played with her everyday, and the rooster was very calm when we got him as an adult after my hen grew up old enough to go outside. They were both sweet and nice, but slowly they just turned evil, I don't know why. I like them anyway and would never think of getting rid of them (I don't know if anyone else would put up with them). I want to raise and breed Japanese Bantams and hope to be able to do so very soon.