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By jbourget · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jbourget
    HELLO! - I am a hard working 20 year old young man, work full time then go home at 5 and tend to my Zoo, I mean farm. My dad and I both share the love of animals and take turns on the grain bill so I am thankful for that. My favorites are the Jacob sheep. They are the oldest breed of sheep out there, dating back to the bible where Jacob keeps his herd for the king. There are many stories about him and the flock spotted woolies, and many individuals pick which one they choose to belive. Now the good stuff. Photos of my critters.

    wait a minute.......i remembered this darned thing is too confusing to upload pics, and the directions i followed dont work. so PM me if you have the right steps to add photos. Im mad now. no patience for computers......why cant it be like posting a pic to a thread...

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