Made in Mexico

I hope you enjoy my BYC website


First I started with four free used auto glass crates to make my coop frame. The first two were put side by side and the other two crates with stacked on top. Then screw togethere with
metal brackets I had laiding around to make the builded soild.

Next I put concrete block under the coop to get it off the ground. The next big cheap step was finding someone who need there old shed took down which I did and loaded the free wood to the coop site. Just so happen that the glass crates add togethere to make 7 foot long and 5 half feet wide. When I took down the shed I cut only the lenght I need for the right size. Which I just laid wood on the coop frame and
screw boards on with no fuss.


My run is base off of my coop width but run 16 foot long and is almost just enough to stand up stright. I use old wire around the house to make the top of the run. Next had to go out and buy some 4 by 50 foot farm fencing cost me $30.00 dollars it was on clearance I love cheap when I can.
Well the time is here I'm going to get my Leghorn New Year Chickens!!!! Move in time is here
Okay so I had to think of a way from my girls to poo and to make it easy to clean so I came up with a cheep and easy way. Pool outside liner I had just cut to fit under the roost for the pine shaves to catch the poo.
Got the poo board done I work on the roost, come to find out my pullet love high high high up roost so going to redo but for now this is what I got for a roost.
So I got so feeder and water bowl and a nice book to help raise my chickens and remove the hay and got pine shaves for the floor.
So now I'm getting the hang of this I think .... I got more free wood and supplies for the coop and run when over and got so old stuff my dad didn't use or need oh thank dad
Come back soon for update!