Jennings Chicken Farm, home to alot of differnt breeds of chickens. We are raising american game fowl, RIR, and soon silkies. We will have hatching eggs for sale on ebay very soon... we have sold many pairs of american game fowl on craigslist and you can find them on South Carolina- Columbia farm and garden section.We are still working on our RIR strand and hopefully by December we will have hatching eggs up for sale. Our RIR hens have been working hard for us and we have hatch out about alot of chicks this year.We will have some whitehackle chicks soon, once our girls start to lay again we will began to sell eggs on BYC .We will soon be entering the motted cochin bantam area, we hope that this breed does good for us....please email Chris at [email protected] or just PM us if you have any questions----
--We currently have some RIR chicks for sale---