Jen's first flock

By JENNIFERG · Apr 30, 2014 · ·
    4/29/2014 my babies arrived!

    GL Wyandotte (?) and Barred rock

    Brahmas, I can tell by the fuzzy feet :)
    Rhode Island Reds
    Not sure what these are yet, spec sussex?
    or these???
    Gibbs, my Jersey Giant

    Out of the 13 I ordered, I can positively identify seven of them. Mostly I ordered pairs except for three GL Wyandottes, the JG, and an Easter Egger...still can't figure out which on she is.
    Of course they got all the attention yesterday. I'm sure we handled them way too much. But day two starts and we will get into a routine, and wait for them to grow. It really needs to stop raining here so I can get my coop and run going.

    Oh, and of course, my Cappy, the chicken guard :)

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  1. Stuffedcritter
    I'am too new tell chick breeds apart, love the boarder collie picture they are such good protectors. Mine crawls in the rabbit cages rubs noises with them all eat treats togather.
  2. crazyfeathers
    The black chicks with a white bib look to be astrolorps.. just a guess. Beautiful babies.
  3. Mountain Peeps
    Beautiful birds you have and a loyal protector!!:) I'm not criticizing your guessing but I don't think those blackish chicks are speckled sussex.
  4. highcountrybell
    all beautiful breeds :) speckled Sussex are such a friendly sweet chcicken!

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