Hi, I'm Austin Petrie(auskittle). I've had chickens in the past and now we're starting up again.
I had 2 Jersey Giants, 1 black sex link, 1 lemon blue, 1 welsummer, and 3 silkies. The rest were other family members' chickens.
I had to rid of the Giants and the lemon blue, the rest died.
Here are some pics of stuff from the first round.
Our coop.
Our three legged chicken. We saw fertile eggs at safeway and decided to pop 'em in the incubator, ended up with four chicks, one with 3 legs.
Our polish chicken, Silly. Which my stepmother reffered to as a "hippy chicken".
Our little runaway. Before we got the coop mentioned above, the chickens lived inside with us, this one escaped, adn after 30 minutes of looking, we found her here. She never even clucked!