My name is Jess. I have "hated" birds for most of my life and by "hated," I mean "feared." I got jumped by a flock of sea gulls over a measley PB&J sandwich when I was small and never felt quite the same way about birds after that.
Last year was a pivotal year for me and a time to take stock in how I lived my life. I discovered that many of the things I did or didn't do in my life were totally governed by fear. I had missed opportunities and probably kept myself and those I love from the joys of many experiences. This realization made me determined to face some of my fears. Now I am no dragon slayer so I decided to start small, I would start with birds.
It just made sense. I love fresh eggs, my mom loves fresh eggs, as does my chef sister. We have for many years sought out various suppliers to keep us in a steady supply. I decided two kill two birds with one stone, face my fear of birds and become our own supplier of fresh eggs.
I began planning well before the new year, the DH remodeled his former pigeon coop into a home for the chicks and made them a secure yard. I ordered my chicks in December and waited patiently (not) for their February delivery. The longer I waited the more excited I got. I wasn't the least bit scared and even exhilerated by the idea that I had taken on this new venture.
The order arrived and a week into having them I knew I needed more so I placed a second. I am now starting to receive about a dozen eggs a day. I sit each evening after work and watch as our flock free ranges around our yard, what a way to close a day!
My flock:1 EE Roo; 2 Cuckoo Maran Roos; 1 Phoenix Roo; HENS: 5 Buff Orpingtons; 5 Black Australorps; 6 Red Sex Links; 3 Phoenix; 1 EE; 1 Black Minorca; 2 Light Brahmas; 1 Dark Brahma; 1 Buff Cochin; 1 Partridge Cochin; 1 Golden Laced Wyandotte; 1 White Crested Black Polish. I would like more EEs and a couple of Cuckoo Maran hens.
Just so I don't leave anyone out, I also have a pack of dogs that include 3 German Shorthaired Pointers and a West Highland White Terrier.
My incredible husband and two great teenage kids.