[FONT=verdana,geneva] I have RIR-Americannas-Coturnex Quail and Marans. Developing Black Tail Buffs, Wheatens, Black Coppers, Blacks, Blues and Blue Bertchen.
I Incubate and hatch most all laid eggs and sell only the largest and smallest eggs considered undesirable for hatching. I have been attending several
BYC swaps and enjoy that venue for selling.
I also have show rabbits. English Lops and Flemish Giants. I am an American Rabbit breeder membe
Federation of Flemish Giants Member
Lop Club Of America member
Regestered Game Bird Licenced
NIPI certified
Marans Club of America Member
I am currently developing the Black Tailed Buff Maran and the Blue Burtchan Maran.