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  1. JitterbugFarm
    Hello everyone!

    Our coop is still under construction, but coming along nicely! I'll post updates as the project continues...

    Thanks for looking!

    We started with a prebuilt 8x12 shed from Old Hickory Buildings:

    Next, we purchased a vinyl flooring remnant, and sealed the edges. We also added some roosts made from shelving brackets and decking material.

    I continued in the decking department and used some railing material to make a roost. I attached it at the top with hinges so that I can lift it for easier cleanup...

    The shed has a 3x3 window which needed a stronger screen for predator protection. I made a 3x3 frame to fit over the existing window and covered it with hardware cloth. I attached it with hinges and a lock at the bottom so that I could easily open the frame and open or close the coop's window. (I'll try to get a better picture)

    5/3 update:
    I've completed the nest boxes with the exception of adding a slanted roof so they don't roost on top of it and a little ladder....

    The girls were able to move in and quickly climbed up to the top of the roost!

    You can't see it too well, but i used a shelving bracket to hang the feeder...

    More to come soon....

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  1. chickenboy190
  2. teneyck farms
    cool coop. youre doing a good job

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