i was contemplating building my own hen house until i stumbled upon this at the local hardware store. this was a pre built unit. it cost just as much as the lumber would have. slightly bigger than i had anticipated but it fit on top of the cement slabs that i had perfectly. it was perfectly level when we placed it and we secured the base of the structure via nail gun. i will have to add the hatchway door on the right side. shingle the roof. alter the window so that it will open. weather stripping for the door. vents on the rear and right sides. minor adjustments is all. professionally made and didn't cost much more than I had planned for. i have 2 australorps, 1 buff orpington and 1 rhode island red. we will be attaching the 8' x 5' pen to the right side of this as soon as we build it. :)
construction began may 4, 2008


this section is the storage room to the left side of the hen house. area is secure by door and will be weather proof. this will store the feed and extra bales of straw and possibly put the egg door in this area as well.

may 6 2008. shingles were placed today on entire roof. the plywood will be placed on the walls and door. locking mechanism for door and voila... storage room. we plan on running electricity to this room and the hen house for lighting and heating for the winter if its needed.
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