My name is Jessica and I love Chickens!

I have (so far anyway) 14 silkies ,3 serama's ,3buff orpingtons ,1 Barred Rock mix, 1 EE , 2 Sex link and 1 White Leghorn and 2 Turkey's a Tom and a Hen !!!! along with many other animals a goat kid, rabbit ,snake, 2 Labs and 1 Boston Terrier ,3 cats 1 fish and 3 CHILDREN Plus one amazing Husband that puts up with in all! I am new to raising chickens just started last Sept. We live on an Acre and aren't ready for large livestock yet so we started with chickens. We love getting fresh eggs, fertilizer, bug eaters, and enjoy watching them. They are so amusing and have the best personalities. This spring a couple of my Hens went broody and we now have 6 new chicks. I learned that you really need to seprate hen from the flock as the other hens bother them. I had alot of cracked eggs! :-( But now My Serama has 4 and My Partridge Silkie has two the one is the pic below. One has splayed legs but am happy to say is standing and walking a little better still not all the way but getting there! I have tied the legs together to help hobble it so it can correct the legs!
chick_mule035-1.jpg chick_mule016.jpg GEDC0060-1.jpg