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By jmofaustin · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jmofaustin

    This our list of animals....
    (We have downsized alot since last updated)

      • 2 Golden Comets
      • 1 Buff Oprington
      • 2 Ameraucanas (1 hen, 1 Rooster)
      • 2 Rosecomb bantam Game hens
      • 1 Barnyard mixed breed special
      • 12 Coturnix Quail (10 females, 2 males)
      • 1 Viszla pup named Heidi
    Some pics of the family (of animals)....



    When we are not feeding animals, we work in construction, vinyl graphics, and own a racing team. Here is my husbands truck....

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