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jmpeters swap page

By Jmpeters, Feb 18, 2014 | Updated: Apr 1, 2014 | |
  1. Jmpeters
    Items I owe

    Items owed to me
    ●3/8/14- Minihorse927- eggs at a later date- Large fowl swap- ship at a later date

    Items available for swap

    Weathers freezing here but I can ship eggs in insulated box with heat packs or at later date.

    ● Silver appleyard duck eggs (6 eggs for swap)

    ● Narragansett turkey eggs (6 eggs for swap) available after 4/14/14.

    ● 8"x12" cloth bags w/drawstring (30 bags for swap)

    ●Elitech digital thermostat- 110v- celsius-new- didnt realize it was celsius so ordered a Fahrenheit one and set these aside. (Qty=2, 1 per swap)[​IMG]

    ●Gloves- Teflon coated palms- cut resistant- great work or garden gloves- sizes 6,7,8,&9- (2 pair per swap)

    Items wanting

    ●Goose hatching eggs (Sebastopol, Toulouse, Buff, or canadian)
    ●Jumbo Ringneck pheasant hatching eggs

    Swaps recieved
    ●2/17/14-Kiwijean83-2 lbs caramels- NWYGS & side swap- Shipped 2/24/14-Recieved 2/27/14
    ●2/28/14- Kiwijean83- 2lbs caramels- NWYGS & side swap- Shipped 3/3/14- Recieved 3/6/14
    ●3/1/14- Animal15- 24 pheasant eggs- classifieds- paid- shipped 3/19/14 per my request- recieved 3/22/14
    ●3/8/14- Learycow- 2 goose eggs- NWYGS- shipped 3/19/14- recieved 3/22/14
    ●3/13/14- Learycow- 2 goose eggs- NWYGS- shipped 3/19/14- received 3/22/14
    ●3/17/14- Ppimf- 2 Toulouse eggs- Waterfowl swap- will ship 3/18/1

    Swaps sent and cleared

    ●2/17/14-Chiqita- 6 Silver Appleyard eggs -NWYGS- Shipped 2/19/14- delivered 2/21/14
    ●2/24/14-Abmaddox1981-12 Narragansett eggs-classifieds-shipped 2/27/14-paid-recieved 3/1/14
    ●2/28/14-Peachncrm37- 1000 mealworms- NWYGS- shipped 3/3/14-recieved 3/5/14
    ●2/24/14-Smfildes- 12 Narragansett eggs- classifieds- shipped 3/4/14- paid- Recieved 3/6/14
    ●3/8/14- Triplekfarm- 1000 mealworms- large fowl swap- shipped 3/10/14- Recieved 3/12/14
    ●3/6/14- Jakal92- 12 Narragansett eggs- classifieds- shipped 3/10/14- paid-recieved 3/13/14
    ●3/14/14- Chiqita-6 appleyard eggs-NWYGS- shipped 3/17/14-recieved 3/20/14
    ●3/8/14- Innerwolfbatikranch- 6 Narragansett eggs- NWYGS- shipped 3/17/14-recieved 3/20/14
    ●2/17/14 & 2/28/14-Kiwijean83- 12 Narr eggs- 2 side swaps- shipped 3/24/14- recieved 3/26/14
    ●3/20/14- Baumesser- 6 Narragansett eggs- Waterfowl swap- shipped 4/1/14

    Pics of the backyard zoo!

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