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By jofrost · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. jofrost
    Hello from a new egg here [​IMG] This is all new to me , and am currently in the process of building my coop and should be ready by spring of 2012 .

    Hope to add more progress of my "coop" as it progresses . The coop is actually an "addition" to the back of my garage to save a little on materials . So far what you see here was about $100 , and should be under $200 with run added . Will get some better colour shots in/out once completed :D

    About me : Dad , technician , RC enthusiast & hobby photographer . My photo page

    Northwood , NH


    Was hoping to get some "construction photos " , but that just didn't happen . Will add some more of my setup and run once added :D

    Here is the finished coop & run :D I'll wait on colour shots till after its painted in the spring !


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