John Deere Chicken Tractor

By Purdy · Mar 7, 2012 · Updated Mar 7, 2012 · ·
  1. Purdy
    Describe 'John Deere Chicken Tractor' here
    I built the John Deere Chicken tractor from mostly used materials.
    The tires I got from a farm co-op tire dealership, with out rims. (free)
    I had to make a frame in side the tires and then cut out large wooden disk to cover them.

    christmas chicken tractor 002.jpg
    next, I took some measurements from some other farm tractors, to get the basic idea of size.
    I spaced the the wheels on the axles. The axles where made with 1 1/2 pipe.

    I made the frame from 2X6 PT X 10 foot long. The frame is 6 inches wide X 10 foot long.
    I really did not have plan in place. I have built many scale models before, never full scale.

    The wood came from crates I took apart, mostly 5/8 plywood.
    I made the engine compartment/ windshield and then the cab. and filled the middle in with doors.
    I round the corners of the engine compartment and roof so it did not look to boxy.

    Problems that I had to overcome: securing the cab to the frame. I had to much movement between
    the cab and the frame. I used conduit pipe and made several supports. They looked like they belonged there. getting the door to work correctly took some time a few beers. I also had to rebrace the axles to the frame.
    I painted it John Deere Green and yellow. I should of bought a gallon of both green and yellow
    at the start, in stead of one qt at a time.
    The windshield was made from a window that was for sale on the side of the road. I think it was $5.00
    I added trim and other detail such; as rear view mirrors. headlights, smoke stack and front grill, fenders, doors.The tractor can be moved and it does roll on its axles, but has limitations.
    chickens 025.jpg

    I have post some pictures at my sign on avatar "PUDRY"
    total cost of this build $350.00

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  1. mxmarg
    I gotta concur.... go see it on You Tube! He's puttin the fun in functional!
  2. Purdy
    Also posted on You tube @ John Deere Chicken Tractor, Must see video
  3. carolsparkle
    this is soooo cool. You gotta see this one ! ! ! To see the pictures click on the little John Deere picture by the title "John Deere Tractor" or Prudy"s name.

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