Delawares and BBS Orpingtons - it all began two years ago when the neighbor's chickens started free ranging on our property. They were friendly, funny, and when my neighbor said I could have any eggs they laid in my barn, I got hooked on those fresh, wonderful brown eggs. So I started searching the net and library for info and stumbled across BYC and My Pet Chicken. The idea of one little coop and 6 or 7 hens to provide breakfast expanded quickly ( of course, duh, just like everyone else) with 17 chicks, and hopes of breeding Heritage Delawares. Speckledhen provided me with my Dels, lots of good advice and one lone BBS Orp chick. Of course he was a roo, so I had to get him his own harem. Kathyinmo sent me five beautiful blue and black girls for him. And, my neighbor moved and left me three hens!! So 18 or so chickens later,after sending some extra roos to freezer camp, I am starting to build a second coop, and providing eggs not only for myself but my MIL and a few friends.

Today, September 2, 2010. I have added six beautiful little BBS Orps from justuschickens59. Four of them are 75% English blood, with her handsome Winston being the proud papa roo, and the lovely Minerva being the gorgeous mama. I am delighted with these chicks, and hope to be of some small service in keeping these lines going.
When I can figure out how to get pictues on this thing, I will!