ChickenCoop1001.jpg Oh my goodness.....I even get a blog here!!!! This site is very addictive let me tell you. It wasn't too long ago that i got a notion in my head that i wanted to have chickens. So i started off on a quest to start my coop. I looked on Freecycle and Craigslist and finally found a Tuff shed that i thought would be great. I did pay a good penny for it but for the size i got a good deal. Thank you to my dear husband Andrew for going along with me on this. He didn't really bat an eye when i asked him what he thought about getting it. So know we have the coop and i just need to find time to get out there and make the nests, put down the flooring and then do the run. The run is most important to me because we do have some predators that would probably love to cart away my hens soooooooooooooo dh is making plans for the fortress!!!!

I was planning on going today to get the material for my brooder. I did get a big plastic bin that i think will work fine for awhile. I will go and pick up all the other goodies on Friday and then i pick up my chicks on Saturday. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! ChickenCoop1001.jpg